Ultimate Guide for Leather Shoe Care

There’s nothing like slipping your feet into a supple pair of leather shoes. The richness and suppleness of the material, the way it forms to the curve of your arches and heels is unmatched by any other shoe construction. But all that luxury comes at a price: it takes some extra work to take care of leather shoes.

Leather Shoe Care Process

If you are like most people, you probably never thought about it. However, experts agree that leather shoes require a bit more care than those made of other materials such as canvas or suede. Here is how to take care of your leather shoes at home.

You can also get good-quality leather cleaner from any shoe store or online store. After you finish applying shoe polish as instructed above; lightly buff off any excess product with the soft side of a towel.

If you want to keep your loafers in excellent condition all through their life span, clean them once in 6-12 months or even less per season by using the good quality leather cleaner on them while they are still unlaced.

Tips for Leather Shoe Care

If you love them enough to keep them in good shape, here are our best tips for caring for leather shoes:

Keep them in shape with professional repair services

Sometimes all you need to do is bring in your favorite pairs for a quick polish or zipper replacement. That way you can keep them in good repair without having to deal with the headaches of taking care of shoes yourself.

Protect your leather shoes from the elements

If you’re worried about getting caught out in bad weather with your leather shoes, cover them up with a pair of protective rubber or plastic overshoes that can be bought at any drugstore. These will keep your leather shoes in good condition, especially if you’re going to be out for longer than expected.


Use a neutral shoe polish

There are many brands on the market, but for wide appeal, we’ve come down to recommending wax shoes polished that have no chemical or other artificial elements for faster results.

Condition your leather shoes

The amazing thing about leather is how flexible it is. This means you don’t need to treat it with oils or moisturizers to condition it. A wax polish will do the job, but you can also use a quality shoe cream. If you want your leather shoes to be more supple and beautiful, apply conditioner before applying shoe polish.

Keep them clean

There’s no need to keep leather shoes immaculate in terms of getting dust off them, but remember that they often collect dirt from everyday use.

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