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Trendy designer Arabic Sandals

For the majority of people in the region, I can tell that the Middle Eastern-style sandal can easily be distinguished.

Even though pairs of sandals nowadays come in a variety of unique designs, colors, and finishing touches, there are actually some elements that did not change. For starters, their designs are always an open-toe type. They mostly cover the upper part of our foot, without the need for a slingback or even some straps behind the heels. In line with this, the end result is really sophisticated. In addition, it is also suitable for occasions such as formal, casual, and even traditional or modern attire.

If you look at the style, it would give an impression that there may be common knowledge or even less is actually known about what resulted in this signature look. Arab sandals were traditionally made in such a unique way for several cultural reasons.

On their daily lifestyle, shoes had to be removed during their regular prayer times, normally, this is done five times a day. This is one of the main reasons why apparel had to be easy to use when it comes to removing and wearing it again. In addition, the different Weather conditions contribute a huge role in their design. Arab sandals were designed to be open-toed because if you wear socks and enclosed shoes, you might be uncomfortable when it comes to, humid climates and hot weather. It’s recommended to let your feet have some air, especially that walking is a regular basis for the people there.

Clearly, it was considered a necessity before, but it has now transformed into a unique fashion statement. Some customers in a popular shop in the region are trendier and bolder. There are a lot of designers that are happier to conduct an experiment with different accessories. Since people nowadays still like to wear traditional attire, they are able to stand out using fashionable accessories like footwear.

Not only that local brands realize the possible rise of the marketability of the Arab sandal. Several decades past, a huge number of international luxury companies have released their own unique versions.

With a lot of global trends rising up and the demand for quality is still at large, different companies are competing to create fashionable designs without losing their simplicity.

Arabic sandals are considered the most preferred footwear for Arab nationals. They are styled to be open because the weather is mostly hot and humid.

Because of the heat, the majority of the Arabs prefer not to wear shoes and socks which can be hot for their feet.
Nowadays, we have these trendy designs that have been introduced to the fashion world. Slip your feet into the delightful comfort of these trendy and traditional Arabic Sandals. You would feel effortlessly royal and traditionally stylish. Trendy designer Arabic sandals are absolutely light for the feet since their upper material together with the lining has excellent quality. In addition, the sole of these sandals is durable and has a good grip.

These sandals can be matched up with a pair of Emeriti Kandura to complete your traditional and classy look.