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Arabic Slippers: Comfortable and Versatile

A few years ago people around the world have discovered one of the most comfortable and versatile summer shoes – we are talking about Arabic slippers. Of course, in some countries, they have been around for centuries, and both men and women loved them. Who could resist a pair of high-quality leather slippers that allow your feet to breathe and be comfortable? We think that Arabic slippers are here to stay!

Today we can find traditional models of Arabic slippers, as well as some modern models. There is something for everyone, as those slippers aren’t reserved only for beach or leisure time. They are very comfortable and perfect for everyday occasions.

Every woman should have a pair of neutral, beige, or brown Arabic slippers. They go well with almost every outfit, and they can add a bit of Bohemian-like spirit even to the simplest outfits. You can pair them with long skirts and dresses in all colors, and they go well with denim as well. Carrie Bradshaw is famous for wearing them with her white skirt in one of the episodes, and maybe we could thank her for starting this trend. On the other hand, if you have a minimalistic wardrobe and you want to spice it up, you can opt for a pair of Arabic slippers in some unusual color or with a creative pattern. Today, there is plenty of patterns to choose from and you can be sure that your outfit will be unique.

Previously slippers have been reserved only for less formal occasions. However, celebrities have recently started pairing them with glamorous outfits and we can say that it looks amazing! We have seen celebrities on the red carpet wearing silk dresses with Arabic slippers. They can be a great alternative when you don’t feel like wearing high heels but want something that will make you stand out. There are a lot of unique and glamorous patterns to choose from, as those slippers are also worn on special occasions such as weddings in the Arabic world.

Arabic slippers aren’t reserved only for women. In fact, more and more men are opting for those slippers and the reason is obvious – they are comfortable, made of high-quality material, and they can look both casual and elegant, depending on the model you choose. As you may have noticed, most summer shoes for men are very sportive. But what if an occasion isn’t that sporty? The solution is to opt for Arabic slippers, as they are something in between but they are more formal than other summer slippers from famous sports brands. While women like to experiment with different patterns, men like to keep it simple and that is okay. The most popular models for men are those in brown or black color. They are easy to pair with every outfit, as well as with other accessories such as a bag.

Today it’s also possible to find designer Arabic slippers – designers like to combine traditional motives with their personal touch. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure that you will stand out and be unique.