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Research and the identity of the brand itself

Before starting with the shoe line, it is important to do your research. It is possible to start to find a niche or a gap in that market, something to be noted is that it is never possible to find a pain point that you can have. With all this, it is possible to start research. When we identify the child, we can begin to create a status panel or a presentation of the brand itself for the communication of the vision with the best possible clarity.

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The design of the shoes, along with the sketches

Now we are going to make all kinds of sketches that are simple or proceed to look for references for the image of the designs and be able to communicate that idea to us. The team will interpret those designs made with technical drawings while creating different stages of prototypes. With all this, the complete footwear technology package would show designs that are illustrated and with the best specifications of the footwear design.

We have a specific guide to make this technological package help you understand the format and include the best templates in Excel format.

The shoe sample prototype

We will give life to the designs for the development of the prototypes. It is a very critical stage for the final production. This process will include the technical consultation, the baking of the shoes, the development, the pattern making, the supply of the material, the manufacturing of the heels and soles, the creation of the customized molds, the creation of the buckles and those accessories in 3D. , with the price shoe prototype. With all this, we are going to show other possible steps so that they are prepared for production.

It is a critical and very exciting stage to be able to start a good shoe line with the greatest possible success.

The samples that we are going to produce will be used for good online marketing, in this way, they can be shown to potential buyers at fairs or on catwalks, or even go directly to consumers with advance orders.

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Manufacturing the designs

After this development phase, we will produce those designs in quantity. The manufacture of footwear of this proven brand without having a minimum quantity of the order will make it possible to produce small batches to be able to test in a market, or if it is convenient for you in large quantities for wholesale sale. A stepped production model can be offered.

At the core, the proven branded production infrastructure will be the perfect combination of that traditional, inherited know-how along with the most modern configurations. We have a very comprehensive solution and be able to supervise this process in the supply chain. In this way, we can guarantee compliance with the standards with the best quality milestones.

The offer of the proven label will include products made of materials such as men’s shoes, women’s shoes, Arab sandals, leather goods and handbags. Of course, you can always order different shoes on request.

Packaging and distribution

You can boost the brand with a custom box. We also offer good packaging and distribution support. We work with all kinds of quality box manufacturers to offer those top and bottom free shoeboxes with the best magnets and quality paper. All that is required is the logo and design on the box. Another requirement is that a minimum amount is needed to be able to apply.

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Why should you choose our Men's Shoes Private Label Services?


We have been working in the field of private label manufacturing for footwear and leather goods for about 25 years. We assure you that our company can guide you throughout the steps of building a successful footwear brand. We are confident that we can support your private label manufacturing needs. Within that 25 years, we have learned the secrets as to how to make the footwear business successful. We also know the common mistakes that should be avoided.


We have worked our way to the top with our professional ways. Our excellent craftsmen examine every quality of the footwear produced. They ensure the quality and the design which our products stand out from the rest. Our craftsmen have high levels of mastery in manufacturing footwear which can assure you that we only make the best and never settles for good.


From the experience to the levels of mastery, our company is very reliable. With our long journey, we will surely give you decades of technical know-how in the private label manufacturing industry. We will also give expert step-by-step techniques towards craftsmanship mastery.

Wide range of services

Apart from private label manufacturing, we also offer: